Sebastian Immaraj is a blues rock pianist, guitarist, and vocalist. His CDs and live performances weave blues with other musical styles and cultural influences.

Immaraj was born in India and moved to Australia with his family when he was eight years old. At high school he briefly tried piano lessons but continually frustrated his classically trained teacher. ‘Even though I liked classical music, as a teenager I wanted to learn to play rock music. Soon, I think my teacher and I sort of fired each other’.

While studying engineering at university he taught himself to play piano and guitar. His musical interests and influences were always diverse - ‘Bach to BB King’.

His musical journey began as a chorister with chamber and symphony orchestras, including performances as a chorister with Luciano Pavarotti, and Judith Durham (The Seekers). He also acted in several rock musicals including Godspell and Hair. In his late 20s, he commenced performing as a solo and ensemble musician playing rock, blues, and elements of jazz. He has always maintained though that his modern roots are in blues. ‘I think it’s in the profound simplicity of blues that I feel most able to express myself’. His main inspirations have been the ‘old masters’ such as Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, Freddie King, and The Beatles.

His first album Perceptions is mostly instrumental music and a culmination of several musical styles. ‘Early on I perceived many musical genres, more as a musicologist actually, and put some of these onto an album’.

The second album Fourth Dimension is blues rock music. 'I’d like to bring blues to a general audience rather than to those only interested in that genre’. The album was recorded in Australia and Brazil.

Immaraj has continued to perform as a solo musician in Australia and whilst travelling overseas.